Comidas Criollas

"Comidas Criollas" is the term local Puerto Ricans call their cuisine.  With it's culinary roots in Spain, Africa and the Amerindian Tainos, Puerto Rican cuisine stands out from other Latin American foods.   La Palma Puerto Rican Restaurant has strived to maintain that authentic "comidas criollas" right here in Chicago.  Our cozy establishment has been serving the Humboldt Park area for over 15 years.  We use native ingredients and spices and top quality meats.  Our food is fresh and homemade, just as Abuela would make it.  Come taste for yourself.  From our "glass oven" in the window, filled with authentic Frituras, to our savory stews and rice, you will experience the island in the heart of Chicago.  

                                     We also guarantee you will not leave hungry !!